Skiing in the Winter months

In a good year the snow in Abetone arrives in early December and the season can run all the way through to April. The slopes at Abetone have three distinct faces. The first which runs from Le Regine to Abetone is beautiful as it goes straight through the forest. The second which runs from the top of the ovavia ski-lift, down to La Dogana, is less foresty and has views over the mountain range of Cimone (which can be reached by car in 60 minutes, although the piste's are not as high). The third face runs from the top of the Ovavia over to the Val di Luce (valley of light), an area which is also home to the snowboarding park, it also features some of the longest runs for snowboarders.

Our apartment is located 10 minutes walk from the ski-lift at Le Regine. This lift will connect you to all the other piste's. Because Le Regine is just before Abetone it has the big added bonus of being a house you can get to in the Winter months, without waiting in queues of traffic that can form in the last stretch of road to Abeone. You can reach all the piste's from Le Regine ski-lift, so it really is the perfect location.



Italian's now prefer to take full white weeks (settimana bianca) in the first months of the new year which means that you will rarely find the slopes full. There are also new ski lifts throughout the resort, and this makes it possible to reach the top of the mountains in record time (The lift run in Le Regine went from 18 minutes, down to 8 minutes after the new lifts were installed). There are rarely queues, and if there are waiting times, it's usually no more than five minutes (before the new lifts were installed, you could be waiting upwards of 20 minutes!)

What's it like up high?
Magical. On a good day, at 1,800 metres, you can see the Alps from the top of the Ovavia, and it's the only resort so it seems like you're in the middle of your own mountain range. Three of the piste's are named after the Italian slalom champion who used Abetone as his training ground, the Zeno 1,2 and 3 are all honoured in his name. In other words, once you've learnt to ski at Abetone, there is no piste you can't take on.


Ski and Snowboard School

If you are just learning to ski there are ski-schools and beginner slopes in both Abetone and Val di Luce. We have already put our three-year old through his first lesson. We can make the reservations on your behalf, and a few of the instructors do speak English.


There is a snowpark for children both at Abetone and in Le Regine, which means that if mum or dad want to hit the slopes, the other parent has something to do with the children.


Costs of skiing at Abetone

  • A full day pass costs  EURO 34 (plus €5 for the ski pass card, that is refunded at the end of the day) .
  • Skis + boots / Snowboard costs approximately EURO 20 a day (we have someone in Le Regine you can use).
  • Special discounts on the pistes are usually offered to people coming for a full week of skiing -"una settimana bianca".
  • Ski-pass discounts for large groups or international visitors are also available at the Multipass agency in Abetone town.


Pics from the snow season