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In the summer months, the chalet is in the perfect position to enjoy lots of mountain walking. There are also some very light strolls that can be taken easily. Here we list other ways to enjoy the mountains.

Here's a sample of some of the activities available in the mountains seasonally with times from the house shown where appropriate.

  • Take the cable-car ‘ovavia’ to the top of the mountain and have lunch at the top. Then consider walking down (2hours) or taking the lift back down!
  • Go and buy freshly made ricotta and Parmesan cheese in the neighbouring region of Emiglia Romagna (30 minutes).
  • Take an exhilerating bob-sleigh on rails down the mountainside at Doganaccia (30 minutes)
  • Visit the medieval town of Cutigliano (20 minutes) or one of the other historic mountain villages.
  • Take walks in the Parco di Frignano (20 minutes) or one of the many.
  • Hire a mountain bike, pads and helmet and take to the Gravity park, where you can go from the top of the mountain right the way down to Abetone (10 minutes).
  • Pick from one of the many walking itineraries and go out for the day.
  • Attend one of the many mountain events.
  • Explore the Abetone Botanical Garden (10 minutes)
  • Take a day trip to Florence (90 mins), Lucca (50 mins) or Pisa (70 minutes) and visit the historic monuments such as the Ponte Vecchio bridge, or the famous leaning tower of Pisa.

Additional resources:
The ancient mountain borders of the region [link]

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